Sunday’s Ride and Party

I spent the day on Saturday doing my usual things, such as taking some neighbors to the grocery store, and spending time with my Aunt. My partner and I also did some batch cooking together for what will be an incredibly busy week ahead.

Sunday dawned bright. It got to be as warm as predicted, with the air temperature about 63°F (17°C) which is highly unusual for my area in February. I had received an email from someone who visits my website and this blog and who lives in the area. I have seen several visitors from my hometown read this blog daily (or almost daily.) I’ve often wondered who they are, but until this one guy contacted me, none have revealed themselves to me. That’s okay; it is just a fact of life that as long as there are websites and blogs, there will be “lurkers.”

I put on my blue-striped leather jeans, Cop jacket, and dress instep Dehner patrol boots. The gear felt good!

I met my “lurker neighbor,” and we went for a nice ride on my Harley. We traveled for about 30 miles on the backroads and byways of my home county. It was enjoyable. Perhaps we’ll go riding again sometime.

My partner was anxious to get me out of the house. I knew that he was up to something (that cat got let out of the bag on Friday afternoon), but he wanted to surprise me, and certainly when I have a chance to ride my bike in the winter, I’ll jump at it. So off I went, and he got busy.

First thing he did was wash my truck. Bless him. My truck needed a bath badly to remove accumulated road salts and dirt.

When I arrived home, there were some familiar cars in the driveway and on the street. My partner put together a small party for me to congratulate me on being selected for my new position. Several members of my family, my aunt, and a couple close friends were there. They blew those silly party whistles, sang off key but with spirit, and shared cake with me. It was really sweet of my partner to do this. Ordinarily he avoids social situations at all costs.

Soon after my family and friends left, I began preparing dinner for the two of us. I got busy making some home-made yeast-raised dinner rolls and a hearty beef stew. While the bread was rising and the stew was simmering, I cleaned the bike, stored it away, and then my partner and I relaxed for a little while in our park-like back yard.

What a nice day. Filled with surprises and fun. And me in all leather, too — couldn’t be better!