Worried But As Prepared As Ever

Greetings from BHD who is not at home! I have had to travel for a business trip to speak at a conference being held in a U.S. southern state, away from the impact of the monster storm battering my home state (and many states north of me).

I spent Saturday doing some last-minute preparations, but we’re pretty well set. After all, disaster preparedness is my profession. I practice what I preach.

I also visited dozens of my senior pals helping them to get ready. I took 14 of them to the grocery store very early on Saturday, helping them to get non-perishable foods that can keep without refrigeration or heating. And plenty of batteries for flashlights! My senior pals know that candles are the most DANGEROUS thing to use for emergency lighting.

I am glad we went to the store so early, because by mid-day, the store shelves were picked clean.

I am concerned about my partner, who is at home. But he is not alone. Big Sister is staying with him, along with two other senior pals who were afraid to stay in their homes. Our generator is set and ready, provided they have to use it. This storm is HUGE!
Everything… I mean everything… is closed in the metro DC/Maryland/Virginia area. No public transit, all offices, public services, and so forth are not open.

It is really weird to be away from home while this monster storm is battering our home for days. I sure hope I can get back by Wednesday when I am planning to return. All depends if airline flights get back in service again. Fortunately, I parked my truck in an above-ground, covered garage at the airport. I am usually “cheap” and park in a distant, open lot, but this time I shelled out the big bucks to protect my truck at the airport.

Meanwhile, I am watching with grave concern, but assured that I know that my partner, sister, and friends should be okay — as prepared as possible.

Life is short: living preparedness is a way of life!