Riding Solo

Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful autumn day. Fortunately, my partner was stable so I knew that I could leave him for a while and go for a ride on my Harley.

I saw a ride listed on my club’s ride calendar, but unfortunately, the ride was being led by someone who rides too fast for me, and I have always felt uncomfortable on his rides. I decided not to go on his ride. I don’t like feeling pressure of trying to keep up when all I want to do is sit back and have a relaxing ride.

I sent emails to some biker buddies to ask if they wanted to go for a ride with me, but all replied saying they couldn’t make it, “perhaps another time.” I understand. I’m often in the same position.

But this is weird… usually I am the one whose calendar is so chock-full, he can’t ride. This time, I have time and interest, but no others to ride with. That’s okay, I leathered up…

… and took off on my own. I rode around Maryland’s beautiful countryside, looking for autumn leaf color. I had a lot of time on my own in the saddle, so I was able to think and relax a bit. Just ride… freedom rumbling along the back roads and lovely small towns of my home state.I am wearing all-American gear: leather breeches and shirt (California), Langlitz jacket (Oregon), All American Boots (California), leather gloves (California), Seer Helmet (Colorado), Eyewear (Kansas).
Didn’t see much color, but it was perfect leather weather!

Life is short: ride!

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  1. WOW, you look commanding in that jacket, those beautiful breeches and those tall motor patrol boots. I’ll bet you got more than a few admiring looks. This blog and that picture have inspired me. I’m going to pull on my leather breeches and a pair of Dehners and my police jacket and ride my KZ 1000 police bike today. Thanks, BHD!

    Andy in Los Angeles

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