Motorcops Practice

I had a crazy-busy weekend, what with replacing one of my decks, building an entry ramp for a senior pal to make it easier for her to get into her home, and lots of other stuff. Fortunately, my partner was feeling better, so I felt comfortable enough to leave him for a few hours to help some friends practice for a big event that they will be entering next week.
I enjoy watching such skills and the camaraderie with my friends.

Check back in about a week or so for more photos during the real event.

Meanwhile — life is short: help the cops when you can.

3 thoughts on “Motorcops Practice

  1. Good luck to your motocop buddies. That’s a good photo of them doing drills. Hope they have a successful skills demo/competition. I presume in your future report, there’ll be plenty of discussion of their bootware as well as what make/model hogs they ride.

    • Thanks, Bill. I’ll be sure to include info in my future posts about the event about what types of bikes were involved, plus photos of some boots. Can’t have a boot blog without that! But a little info — not all cops ride Harleys (aka “hogs”). I anticipate seeing some BMWs and perhaps that new Honda model that was released last year. We’ll see.

      • OK. Sounds as if you have a fun day or two ahead of you. Yeh, I know not all motorcops ride hogs. But those cops I’ve met say to me that if a motorcop don’t ride a Harley, “…he ain’t the real deal.” Hmm….seems to me their tickets still count, though, right? In any event, I’ve seen this three-wheel thingy outfitted for a police department. (Sacrilege!) What next, motorcops wearing flip-flops on duty? May Heaven forbid!

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