Are Boots on Men Indicative of Being Gay?

Oh crap, here it goes again, this time from an historical society in Ohio, USA:
I have addressed this issue on this blog many times. Short answer: no. Longer answer: hell no.

Go ask a cowboy, motorcop, or a construction worker if by the mere fact that he wears boots means that he is gay, it’s likely he will want to lay you out flat with a quick one-two punch. As for me…

Yeah, I am gay, and I wear boots as my exclusive choice of footwear. Who cares? I have to say that most gay men I have met would never wear boots in a million years. Conversely for me, I wouldn’t wear their flip-flops or dress shoes.

The choice of wearing boots has nothing to do with whether a man is gay or not. He was gay long before he wore anything on his feet. And if someone thinks that he is straight and could “become” gay by wearing boots, then I have a bridge I can sell him. You name the bridge.

Life is short: get real.

3 thoughts on “Are Boots on Men Indicative of Being Gay?

  1. And if a straight guy who likes to wear boots (me), but reads a blog written by a fellow bootman who happens to be gay, does that make the straight guy gay?

    Hell, no.

  2. Very recently I was in my local supermarket, squatting down while attempting to read labels for cold preps when someone came in behind (and above) me and took something from a shelf above me. As I swiveled to stand up and get out of his way, I noted he was wearing heavy-sole boots, leather chaps, a long sleeve sweatshirt and thick leather jacket. I stood and surmised this guy is a member of a well known, national and notorious “one-percenter” motorcycle club. I somehow didn’t think he’d be likely to be gay. Of course, one never knows, but I would bet against that being the case for alot of reasons including the skullrings, pierced ear and fearsome wrist/arm gauntlets he had on. In any event, no one would ever look at him and believe he’d be into ‘stroking’ a person of the same gender…..the proof of which being that he is wearing boots.

    Where does the idea – that boots on men is indicative of their possibly being gay – come from anyway? Sheesh!

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