My partner’s health situation was stable, so I felt okay leaving him at home while I led a motorcycle ride yesterday. We went to a little town on the West River near Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, to a restaurant on the water. I wanted to get steamed Maryland blue crabs, but they were too expensive (US$50 a dozen? How nuts is that???).

I had fish instead. It was great. But what was even better was great weather, good friends, my twin brother J being with me, and not getting lost (despite the GPS directing me to go “off road” just as we were crossing a dam. Yeah, right!) You know, it’s funny how I found this location. I have a visitor who reads this blog regularly who comes from a town near this place. I looked up where that was, then found this restaurant, and decided to ride down there and see it for myself. Very nice! (Too bad I don’t know who this blog visitor is, but you live in a pretty area of our state!)

Life is short: RIDE!

1 thought on “Ridin’

  1. Your comfort level in leading group rides appears to be effortless. The new guy on the ride kept raving about your skills. I smiled, because I know how you have worried about those kinds of things. I am glad you were able to relax and enjoy the ride. Going there on Thursday helped, so you knew the route.

    It was a pleasure riding with you, seeing how your friends enjoy your company and admire you, and to see you relax a little bit.

    It will be hard to leave and return home to Italy. I love being with you, riding with you, but most of all, being your twin.

    Ore e sempre,


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