Maintaining Shine on Chippewa Hi-Shine Boots

Here I am in Sunday afternoon’s attire, out back, takin’ a break from reading, writing, and baking. I really mean it when I say that if you’re going to invest in leather, to wear it more than once-a-year to leather fetish events.

I’ve been asked from time to time how to keep a good shine on boots like Chippewa Hi-Shine engineer boots. While the boots are made of all leather, there is a thin plastic coating on the boots that makes them shine.

For many years, bike cops have used spray furniture polish on Dehcord, which is the plastic that stock Dehner boots are made of. My bike cop tenant swears by the practice of wiping down his Dehner boots with a damp cloth when he gets home, then after he takes his boots off, he gives them a light spray of household furniture polish and wipes the boots down again until they glisten. And his boots always look sharp!

So I tried spraying my new lug-soled Chippewa Hi-Shine boots with a little furniture polish and wiping them until there was no residue left. The boots look great! It really works!

I wore these boots to work today (dress pants over) and a couple of security-type guys in a meeting I attended at oh-dark-thirty this morning noticed the boots and asked me a lot of questions about them — what brand, how they feel, and how I keep them so shiny. I guess the treatment works! And as a side-benefit, dust will be repelled, too! Who could ask for more? (LOL!)

Life is short: wear your boots (and leather, when you can!)