Darwin Award Contenders

Readers of this blog know that I am a vocal advocate for wearing proper gear, including sturdy motorcycle boots and long pants, while operating a motorcycle. It’s just common sense. (And a DOT-approved helmet, too, even in states where helmets are not required by law.)

Following are two images that two readers have shared with me about the latest Darwin Award Contenders.

What’s a “Darwin Award?”

This award recognizes individuals who contribute to human evolution by self-selecting themselves out of the gene pool through putting themselves (unnecessarily) in life-threatening situations.

First contender: the kid on the sport bike who rides in a “mankini” on U.S. Interstate 70 in the St. Louis area. He says he rides in that manner of “undress” because it is very hot. Tough — too hot to ride? Get in a cage with air conditioning (or a bus.)

Second contender: this silly post of “bike of the day” posted on Facebook by “biker bootstraps”

Honestly, I have no words for this silliness, which gets much too much attention and attaboys from people who should not be giving approval of such reckless, thoughtless, stupid behavior.

Life is short: wear a helmet, long pants, and motorcycle boots when operating a motorcycle.

1 thought on “Darwin Award Contenders

  1. The bottom photo had me mesmerized but for all the wrong reasons. Firstly, aren’t those handlebars illegal whereever they are? Can someone really have secure control of a motorcycle while using those to steer with? And with a passenger? I doubt it. I’m skeptical. Secondly, who wears Birkenstocks while riding? Birkenstocks? Really? Someone needs to buy that guy some engineers, harness boots or something instead of what he has on there.

    The first (top) photo is ridiculous to the extreme. And you will note the rider is alone. No one but his girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other would dare be caught on the rear of that bike while he’s dressed like that. And where would he carry his driver’s license and ID so he can produce it for any cop who requests it? Don’t answer that one. I think know and the answer ain’t pretty. Yikes!

    As for the Darwin Award, I’d say we have a toss-up. I wonder what the tie breaker would be?

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