Still the Best Motorcycle Boots

Having worn Chippewa Firefighter Boots (station boot style) for six years now, these boots remain my number one choice of boots to wear when I ride my Harley.

As I was explaining to two staff at my local Harley dealer the other day, these boots:

  • are extremely comfortable
  • don’t get hot, even though they are fully lined with leather
  • get my ankle into a neutral (L- or 90-degree) position, so I am not as likely to aggravate my plantar fasciitis in my left foot
  • are rugged as a rock
  • are very easy to put on — once laced properly, all you have to do is pull them on, zip them up, and you’re done
  • are equally as easy to remove
  • are very comfortable to walk in after arriving via motorcycle at a destination
  • have a Vibram 100 lug sole — like snow tires for the feet
  • are made in the USA from quality materials with superb craftsmanship
  • have a cushion collar at the ankle, and steel toes. Great features for a sturdy motorcycle boot
  • look terrific. I have gotten many, many compliments on the boots from both men and women
  • are affordable.

Of all the boots I own and wear, these boots by far outrank others for their comfort, durability, style, and features.

Life is short: wear boots when you ride a motorcycle, such as high-quality, good-looking Chippewa Firefighter Boots.

2 thoughts on “Still the Best Motorcycle Boots

  1. That is a fine looking pair of boots. You certainly make a good case as to why someone should buy them for motorcycle riding usage. Did you ever consider becoming the Chippewa company public relations head?

    BTW: good luck with your plantar fascilitis. May you have a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Thanks, Bill. Occasionally people from the PR/Media Dept. of Justin Brands, the formal name of the company that makes boots under the Chippewa label (as well as Justin Boots, Nocona Boots, and Tony Lama Boots) visits this blog. I have communicated with them occasionally. I think they do a pretty good job in PR/promotion of their boots, from what I see. I’m happy to promote quality products when I see/wear them.

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