Snow Boots in Summer?

While the record-breaking heat of the past two weeks has abated, and I have returned to riding my Harley regularly for commuting and errand-running, it’s still summertime warm. So why would I consider snow boots this time of year?

By the way, I am defining “snow boots” as boots that are waterproof (not simply treated with water-resistant oils), are lined with insulation (such as ThinsulateĀ®) and have a specially-designed tread sole that will not cake up with snow or slip on slick pavement. Further, I extend my definition of “snow boots” as “snow boots for a guy” — not something silly like Uggs which, let’s say, do not have masculine characteristics.

What boots fit these criteria? Loggers.

Yep, logger boots are rugged, solid, and some are waterproof and have a “Tacoma sole” which meets the slip-resistance requirement. That sole is new to me. It is thick and solid, but the spaces between the ridges are more narrow, and curved, so it is less likely that snow would build up inside them and form an ice skate. That’s why, for example, I will not wear Wesco boots with VibramĀ® 100 lug soles in the snow. While VibramĀ® 100 big lug soles provide great traction, those soles have wide spaces between the lugs, and the lugs are rather square and straight. All this means is that snow (and mud) will build up between the lugs, and essentially the sole becomes one solid slippery ice skate.

Back to the topic — why think snow boots in July?

The best sales are in the off-season, that’s why. Think about it — you can get good deals on hotels and vacation packages to sunshine seasonal resorts this time of year. Or in winter, you can get great deals at hotels at beach/shore areas.

Same thing applies to certain types of boots. If boots are designed for their best application in bad weather, then order them when the weather is good and enjoy some savings.

Thus, I admit, that is how this new pair of Chippewa Loggers came into my life. Saved well over $50 on the pair in July from what December’s pricing indicated. Good deal!

Albeit, these boots will remain hung in my garage boot storage area, and my feet won’t see them until the weather degrades (and motorcycle riding season is over).

Life is short: look for seasonal values in the off-season.