Wesco Highliner Boots on eBay

Closing the story from yesterday’s post, my two senior pal visitors and the cats have gone back to their respective homes, now that power has been restored to each of their homes after seven full days of their power being out. I am glad they are able to return to their usual lives, and let my partner and me get on with ours. Not that their visit was a problem; it’s just that we are not accustomed to having company, especially the matronly type (giggle.) No worries, we were good boys, and giving them a safe and comfortable place to stay was our pleasure.

Since we had some time to ourselves yesterday, I got my partner into several pairs of boots and…

…had him pose in boots that I will be auctioning via eBay over the next several weeks.

The first pair of boots from my collection that I am not interested in wearing any more, but have considerable value and longevity is a pair of 20-inch Wesco Highliner Boots.

I bought these boots in the 1980s and did construction work while wearing them. The boots got packed away into a box and forgotten when I moved into my current home. My partner found them a couple months ago. I tried the boots on, and they still fit. But I am reminded that I don’t like lace-up boots. I have little patience in lacing up tall boots, and these kind of boots are not my style. I cannot wear them when riding my motorcycle, nor to work in an office. The little amount of construction work I do these days can be done when I wear regular short work boots.

These bad boys were up for auction on eBay. They were sold on 15 July.

Life is short: wear tough boots!