First Time for Everything

Here I am in my (usual) tall cop boots, leather breeches, leather shirt, and leather jacket. My cousin is visiting from California. I lent him a pair of boots (obviously, he’s not accustomed to wearing them), a leather jacket, and gloves. I invited him to join me on a motorcycle ride today.

It was a great ride, though it was a bit “crisp.” The warmest it got was 55°F (13°C), but it was bright and sunny on a cloudless day. The leathers felt great, as did the boots. We enjoyed seeing the deep blue autumn skies, as well as the patchwork of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns of the leaves on the trees. The swirl of fallen leaves parting around us was thrilling to watch as we leaned into curves and on the hills on the four-county trek along Maryland’s byways and back roads.

What I enjoyed most was seeing the smile on my cousin’s face. He had never ridden on a motorcycle before, and I am honored that he placed his faith in me to take him for his first ride.

Famly: what it’s all about. As I often say, I’m showing those I love that I love them.

Here was our view, below.

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