Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots

Over the years, I have learned a thing or two about motorcycle police patrol boots. These boots have been worn by officers on horseback and on motorcycles for more than a century.

I own more than a dozen pairs of tall, black police patrol boots. I have worn them for more than 20 years while riding motorcycles. While I am not a cop, I like these boots for their appearance, performance, style, and design.

The Dehner Boot Company has a large share of the market for these boots, followed closely by Chippewa. The “Chip Hi-Shine” is seen much more often on more cops — at least on the East Coast where I live. Chippewa also makes a bal-laced style patrol boot, but because of its low-end quality, is not worn as much as the others.

There are other manufacturers of police patrol boots, as well. Whoever wears them wants them to be functional and perform as expected. The boots should be comfortable for all-day wear, and withstand hard use from being worn while operating a motorcycle.

I put together a Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots and posted it on my website to answer questions that I frequently receive, and also to share some of what I know. I had the Guide reviewed by motor officers on the East and West coasts. One officer who reviewed it for me said:

“I am sincerely impressed with the thought, information, sheer amount of work and dedication involved in your Motorcycle Officer Patrol Boots review. I have been an officer since ’95 and I know for a fact that there isn’t anyone half as knowledgeable as you about such a large variety of motorcycle officer patrol boots in the industry and that includes motor cops and Bay Area Police Uniform Shops personnel alike.”

Check it out on my website: It is posted here. I hope you find it informative and helpful.