ru gunA intl Mr. leathA n Chicago?

I admit, I thought I had seen everything, but this message takes the prize for being the most indecipherable I have been sent (to date).

Using an on-line converter, I figured out this was text-speech for “are you going to International Mr. Leather in Chicago?”


The message was sent by someone much more facile with texting that I am, since I am a certified dinosaur. I don’t send or receive text messages. My carrier offered to block texting for me when I was complaining about being charged for “junk texts” month after month. I have no use for texting, so I said, “sure, block it!”

Anyway, the question was about whether I would be attending the largest gathering of the Great Leather Clan, an event called “International Mr. Leather” or simply “IML” for short. (It’s website is here.) This annual event is held over U.S. Memorial Day weekend, which is coming up. It starts on Friday, May 25, and runs through Sunday, May 27, leaving the holiday on Monday for return travel.

No, I will not attend.

Yeah, I own the gear, but I am not interested in traveling without my partner, and my partner is unable to travel these days. Plus, at my age and relationship status (monogamous), I’m not interested in hanging out with a bunch of sex-driven guys in leather. I also am a very early morning person, and like my quiet bedtime by 9pm each night, including weekends. I can’t handle the hours of this event nor the noise of boot-clunking in a hotel hallway all hours of the night.

I’ll likely know some folks who will be there, and would like to say hello. But it ain’t gonna happen.

If you are planning to attend and want to know what to pack, read my website page on traveling with leather gear. That should help. This past blog post on gear for IML should also help.

My Wesco Boots "On" the Bean at Millenium Park

My partner and I attended IML in 2007. It was okay… kind of expensive, noisy, and late, but it was interesting. We scratched this off our “gay leather bucket list” and have no intentions of returning. That’s not to say that it is a bad event — it’s not. It can be fun, particularly if you’re gay and single. Otherwise, it’s just another expensive tourist destination with a leather-friendly atmosphere.

If you do go, get some great Chicago pizza and enjoy this very walkable town with lots to see and do! Take pictures. Smile. And by all means,

Life is short: wear leather and boots!