Coolin’ Off, Leatherin’ Up

When I went outside to get the morning newspaper at oh-dark-thirty, it was 52°F (11°C). Man, that’s quite a drop in the morning air temperature from a few days ago.

I had already put on warmer clothes and tall, black, Chippewa Hi-Shine boots to wear today. Tall boots help keep me warmer, too, but don’t get hot inside the office and are comfortable in which to walk.

As I was getting ready to ride the Harley, I got out the good ‘ol trusty, worn and durable biker chaps and put them on. They felt good; I haven’t worn them while riding the Harley in several months, because I haven’t needed to. I still didn’t need much of a jacket; my lightweight “shirt-jacket” worked just fine. I donned a pair of lightweight gloves, and I was off. Comfy ride this morning in the brisk air.

As I was dismounting my iron horse at the Metro station, a couple of young guys who were walking by said, “nice bike, cool chaps and boots!” … and they meant it. I said thanks, and thought again to myself how fortunate I am to live in a community that accepts us as we are, and doesn’t resort to making childish, ignorant comments. I guess, also, their momma taught them well: if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say it; if you do, then do!

I am looking forward to leather-weather returning so I can get back in gear and enjoy the variety of leather gear that I own.

Life is short: wear your leather!