My Take on Same-Sex Marriage

Lately, there has been a lot of news about same-sex marriage, especially in light of the state of North Carolina placing bigotry and hatred into its state constitution by a referendum that appeared on its May 8 statewide primary election ballot. Hmmm… I guess you can tell where I stand on this matter, huh?

It’s more than that, and quite complicated.

What bothers me most is those who claim to be the most caring for others, who love everyone, who call themselves “Christian,” etc., are those who are so vehemently against allowing us to marry the man (or woman) we love. Those who claim to be the most “one with Jesus” are by far the most hypocritical on this matter. But I’ll let other blogs carry the word of the day on that. (N.B.: not all organized Christian religions are this way; the Unitarian Universalists and Episcopalians are exceptions. They accept and often directly embrace their members who are in same-sex relationships. I’m speaking most directly about Catholic, Baptist, Pentacostal, and the throw-your-hands-in-the-air-and-scream-Allelujah whatever ya-wanna-call-it religions.)

My partner and I live in Maryland. Our state’s legislature passed a law during its most recent term that permits civil marriage among same-sex couples. However, they stated that the law would not take effect until January 1, 2013 — next year — giving those who are against it to bring the law to referendum in November. While hateful nay-saying hypocrites are collecting signatures to bring the matter to referendum — and most think they will succeed — I look at my own life, and think, “why does the fact that I love a man and care for him through sickness and in health matter to someone who only supports opposite-sex marriage? How would MY marriage affect yours?”

There are a lot of silly statements out there, such as if same-sex marriage is permitted, then a man can marry his dog or a woman can have six husbands. This is all poppycock, driven by the extreme, fearful left. I remain very puzzled just why they fear same-sex marriage. I really have no idea why.

Some others say, “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Well, dear, read your Bible. God created Steve, too. In His image. Get over it.

Others also say, “marriage is an institution of God” or “marriage is a sacrament of my religion.” Well, sweetie, look it up in the law. Marriage is a civil matter, which may be recognized through a religious ceremony. But you sign a marriage license issued by the state — not by God or your religious institution. All my partner and I want is to be able to get that same civil marriage license and have a judge in our local courthouse conduct a civil procedure that makes our state recognize our relationship as a marriage, with all the rights and responsibilities thereto pertaining. That’s it. I don’t want to get married in your church.

I have asked some people who have told me that they are against same-sex marriage why they feel that way, and few can state a specific reason. The most-often quoted reason is, “my church is against it.” Well, honey, you’re telling me that some entity is telling you what to believe and that you are unable to think for yourself. Yeah, right. We have to realize that teachings of certain religions are out of step, antiquated, and misaligned. But I forgive them, for they know only to repeat what they hear, and not be able to think for themselves. So sad, really.

What some of my ultra-Catholic family and friends have said to me is, “it’s not you. You and your partner are fine. We love you!” Well, if you really love us, then don’t vote against us. If that referendum comes up and you step up to the voting machine to cast a ballot and you can’t vote against the referendum that would negate a law that would allow me to legally marry my partner in the state where we live — then just DON’T VOTE ON THAT QUESTION. Simple as that. You can say that you didn’t vote “for” it, but you don’t have to tell your so-called Christian friends that you didn’t vote that issue.

Some say that it is a matter of time when two men (or women) who love each other, support one another, and will be by the side of his/her mate for the rest of their lives can marry. The time has come. The time is now. Let us acquire the same benefits of a legal marriage as you have. It’s only fair. It’s the right thing to do.

Life is short: think for yourself, and if you can’t support us, at least don’t vote to deny us the same rights and privileges that you have!