Day 10: Last Day, Ride Completed

Day 10 of “Crazy-Awesome Adventure II” was Thursday, September 16. We rose early, had breakfast provided by the hotel, and set off to return to Las Vegas to return our rented motorcycles.

The ride along UT-9 to Interstate 15 was delightful. We stopped at…

…the Harley dealer in St. George, Utah, (located where UT-9 meets I-15) to … of course … get a t-shirt showing where we had been. Another “of course” is that “HD” means “hundred dollars” — the markup of everything with the Harley label. $50 for a silly t-shirt? They’re good about gouging the masses. Or price things for what the market will bear.

T-shirt stored in the last square inch of storage space, we set off for the long, hot, and grueling 130-mile ride back to that awful city in the desert. (Did I say “I hate Las Vegas?” — not enough. If I don’t go back there, ever, I will not miss it.)

The only redemption we had is that it was 10°F cooler than ten days ago when we started this journey. Yeah, only 100°F instead of 110. Blechhhh…

We stopped 3 times along the way to rehydrate, stretch, and ease the soreness of “HB” (Harley-butt, a consequence of riding on a bike with a stock seat that is hard as a rock.)

While the speed limit on I-15 is 75mph, I “rode my own ride” at a less frantic pace of a mild 65mph. I hate riding fast. “S” rode more slowly to accommodate me.

On arrival at the motorcycle rental shop, we noted the total mileage for our entire journey — 1,578 miles (about 2,540km). In 10 days, that is a LOT of riding, at least for us. (I know, I know, some others can ride that in a day or two. Not me. I like to see the scenery!)

I am fortunate that I have friends almost everywhere in the U.S. and Canada who I met through my work. A friend who is a Las Vegas resident met us at the Harley rental shop to bring us and all of our gear back to our hotel for the night. We got there early enough that we had a very pleasant lunch, courtesy of my friend. We also stopped to get a sub for dinner to bring back to our hotel so we wouldn’t have to go out again, especially since nothing is walkable from the hotel at which we were staying.

As an added treat, a high school classmate who lives with his husband in Las Vegas dropped by in the evening. We had a nice visit and catch-up. It’s been 46 years since we’ve seen each other. I really enjoyed seeing him again.

Next morning, “S” and I had our last breakfast together. We reminisced about our journey. We have a very solid friendship which will continue for the rest of our lives. We both know that we will not do this type of ride again. It took everything we had to accomplish it, and we’re happy we did it — but do not see us doing anything like that again. We are not “spring chickens” and our old aching bodies would not tolerate such a long ride again.

I got rather tearful when the shuttle to the airport was waiting for me and I had to say goodbye. I know that I may not see my friend again, and that was painful. Phone and email will have to do.

“S” was the best motorcycle riding partner I have ever had. Patient, calm, kind, considerate, careful, safe… many similar adjectives apply. Four years ago when I asked “S” to go on “Crazy-Awesome Adventure I,” I had no idea what a gem “S” would turn out to be. I am truly grateful for his care and attention always.

I am home now… photos and videos being processed. Next blog will explain same.

Life is short: ride your dreams.