No Prom, Again

I wrote last year about my great nephew and his disinterest in going to his high school prom. He was taunted as “being gay” because he didn’t want to attend this annual event at his school. Like me, he hates dressing up, all the fuss about proms in general, and the cost. (Last year’s post is here.)

Prom season has rolled around again for my nephew, but he has matured quite a bit from last year. This year, when he was asked, “who are you taking to the prom?” by classmates and his family, he answered,

“I’m not going to waste money on something I wouldn’t like, so I’m going to the beach instead.” That was it — simple. No drama. No one, this time, accused him of being gay because he didn’t want to go to his senior prom.

How did he find the courage to respond that way? A little bit of coaching from Uncle BHD, and a lot of practice. But it worked!

His grandparents (my sister) own a condo at a beach resort community that is about a three-hour drive away. They said that he could invite up to three other friends and use the condo for the weekend, with the understanding that there would not be any alcohol, girls (overnight), or loud music which could disturb neighbors.

As prom time rolled around, my nephew stuck to his guns and followed through with his plans. I saw my nephew a few days ago, and he said that he and and three buddies had a great time. They went out to eat, enjoyed an indoor amusement park, and other activities. He told me that some of his friends in school were rather jealous because he had a better time that night than they did.

He said that the band for their prom was reported to be bad, and the rest of the event “sucked”. I’m not sure what didn’t go right for their prom, but what matters even more is that my nephew made a decision not to go to his prom, and was able to explain why, factually. His matter-of-fact, calm manner deflected whatever negative reaction that he may have gotten from his peers.

My great nephew is growing up. I’m proud of how he handled the situation, and am happy that he’s happy.

Life is short: make your own decisions!