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Long-time readers of this blog know that I like to dabble in home repair and remodeling jobs. I have mostly done that for seniors aging-in-place. These past two months, me — an “emerging senior” — had a lot of repair and remodeling projects done.

Last year, my husband drew designs for…

… a replacement master bathroom. Updates on this project are below. Updates about the new deck will be in anther post.

The bathroom

Our master bathroom is huge — 12 x 14 feet (168sf). Big enough to be a small bedroom.

The bathtub was in the wrong place. The shower was too small, and it leaked. The lighting was too bright and the mirror was dauntingly huge. (Who wants to see himself nekkid on a 12-foot long mirror? Not me!)

I contacted some home remodeling companies, and was blown away at the cost estimates I received. My husband said, “are they out of their minds? Let’s do it ourselves!”

But then my husband got sick… and you know from reading this blog that it didn’t end well. During the time I was focused on caring for my husband, the bath remodeling project was “on hold.”

In February, I decided to get the bathroom done. I drew up more plans. I found some skilled people to help who had dedicated availability for two full weeks in May. (Good people are hard to get, so I had to wait.)

I ordered all of the fixtures, tile, lighting, plumbing, etc., etc. With supply chain issues, it was just as well that the helpers were not available until May, because some of the supplies I needed took a long time to get. But by “GC’ing” the project myself, I saved about half of what it would have cost if I had it done by a bath remodeling company. I also enjoyed (though my aching back and knees might say otherwise), assisting with some of the construction, including carpentry, electrical, tile cutting and placement, as well as painting.

Good news — it all came together. Below are photos from start to finish.

Demolition — old bathroom torn out!

Tub centered under window with more narrow lip; new subfloor.

Much larger shower takes shape with Durock walls and built-in shower seat and tub enclosure.

Tiling of walls of bathroom, shower, tub surround, and floor complete.

Double sink vanity and smaller mirrors installed.

Bidet toilet with motion-sensitive lighting installed. (Lights for seeing at night for … you know.)

Custom glass shower surround completes the project!

Life is short: when you own a nice home, some times remodeling is required.

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