Plain Ol’ Comfortable Cowboy Boots

Some days (or hours of some days), I choose to wear a pair of plain old cowboy boots, non-descript, not fancy, not made of exotic skins, regular heel… just a pair of plain ol’ boots. I have a number of “just plain ol’ boots” in my cowboy boot collection. Some are decades old, some are much newer, but all share one thing in common — that is, nothing fancy.

Most guys who wear cowboy boots choose to wear boots that do not attract attention. Perhaps the boots look a little beat-up; to me, that look adds character. While I don’t mind the occasional, “nice boots, what are they?” comment when I’m wearing fancier boots, most of the time I’m going about town running errands, helping senior pals, etc., and choose boots that serve two main purposes: 1) comfort on my feet, and 2) sturdy footwear. That’s it.

I have found that Justin boots are about as “plain old” as “plain old” can be, and serve me well. Of course, there are other makers of just plain ol’ regular cowboy boots, and Justin is just one of them. I like Justin boots because (most of them) are still made in the USA, and proof over time is that they hold up well.

Life is short: wear boots!

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