Tarnished Tiara

I was joking around with a buddy who writes to me regularly that my tiara is tarnished.

That was in response to something he said, “I didn’t think guys who wore tiaras did that kind of manly stuff…,” which I accepted as a joke, as he intended. We were referencing the work that I have been doing to renovate the kitchen in my home.

Yeah, it is real, manly, hard work.

Removing linoleum that was glued down with super-glue (or so it seemed) was backbreaking. Now I’m about 75% done with laying new tile over the exposed subfloor. Piece by piece, 5×18 tile-by-5×18 tile. Even operating a wet saw. Varooom! I just love power tools 🙂 Gotta cut through this 1.7cm-thick tile when it needs to be shorter to fit against a wall, cabinet, or the island.

Placing the tile under our new refrigerator was the hardest part. My partner is restricted from lifting any weight over 10lbs, and has not been in the best of moods, so I couldn’t invite strong friends to help. But somehow, this past weekend, I managed to get the fridge out of the way, lay the tile on the floor where it goes, grout it, and push it back. Man, that thing weighs a ton.

New fridge? Yeah, that’s what started this mess. I had been complaining about our old fridge, which was leaking, and not keeping foods cold in some parts, and frozen where they shouldn’t be frozen. It made strange noises, too. Middle-of-the-night “errrr… weeee… squeakity-squeak” drove me absolutely nuts.

My partner agreed that we could buy a new fridge IF we also replaced the floor. He hated the old linoleum which had worn out its ability to be kept clean. I have to admit, it was rather ratty. So we made a deal — new fridge for me, new floor for him.

The partner “did his thing,” shopped around, and found a good price on a fridge that I wanted, with two freezer compartments and a refrigerated section that spans the entire thing (unlike our old side-by-side in which I couldn’t store a full pan of lasagne flat on a shelf.) We got the store that offered the “good price” to give us a quote in writing, then we went to the store that we prefer to deal with and they beat that price. Overall, we saved over $500.

The fridge was the easy part, since we arranged for delivery and installation, so two big strong guys man-handled removal of the old fridge and delivery of the new one. The floor is the hard part, because my partner does not want strangers in the house (ever), especially when he is home more than he is not at home, and does not want people to see him in his weakened condition. My big mouth had something to do with it, too, as I piped up, “oh, let me do the tile work! I love to do tiling! I have a wet saw and everything!” Sheesh… some times I don’t know what I say….

So there I am, in my grubbies, thick knee pads, and Timberland work boots, using almost every spare weekend (and some evening) hours … laying tile … letting it set … grouting it. It really does look good, but man, there’s a LOT of tile to place! There I go again, thinking back to when I had our house designed, my big mouth said, “I want a huge kitchen, so when my family visits, we can all hang out in the kitchen together!” Ha! I got what I wanted — 460 square feet of kitchen, which that amount of floor to go with it. Thank goodness the cabinets and island take up some of the floor space, but not enough.

Oh well, this gay guy’s tiara is now tarnished … proving too that gay men can, and DO… “manly work.” LOL!

Life is short: do your own work, if it doesn’t kill you first!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the humorous adventure through your kitchen renovations. The tile looks great, thank goodness your new refrigerator can handle a pan of lasagna, and know that your kitchen is just a few feet smaller than my whole apartment. Glad you have a family who can share it with you — it must be a regular riot. Now go get a manicure and a massage. Polish the tiara and remove all grout from the diamonds. And hug your partner. Ciao! ARken

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