How To Lose Weight Without Really Trying

Like most middle-aged men, I find myself on the ongoing challenge with weight. Yeah, yeah, I know — diet, exercise, blah blah blah. Since I lost 41 pounds two years ago, I am well aware of what works and what’s recommended to lose weight. I had “only” regained five of those pounds by last December (even through Christmas!) Not bad. However, I still could loose those five extra pounds and lose more. And I did!

With working full-time, caring for my partner during his illness, and spending precious little remaining time looking after my senior pals, I haven’t had time to do the walking that supported my weight-loss of 2010. I bought a treadmill, and I have been pretty good about using it, but not as often as I imagined. At the end of a long day, my ol’ body is tired and sore, so that treadmill looks daunting. (Don’t make suggestions about using it in the morning. My day begins at 4am already, and I’m not about to rise at 3:30 just to walk on the treadmill!)

Anyway, for about the past four months, I haven’t been focusing too much on my personal weight management goals. However, I was surprise and happy to learn that I lost 10 pounds in the last two months without even trying.

Here’s how I did it.

1. Removed 460 square feet of linoleum glued to our kitchen floor. By hand with a scraping tool. Lots of scraping tools. Uggghhh…

2. Sanded the kitchen floor with a heavy belt sander. Got all the remaining adhesive up, smoothed out the subfloor, repaired cracks.

3. Removed the old baseboard, and replaced it with new baseboard. Painted the baseboard. All 121 linear feet of it!

4. Received, stacked, and stored 1,100 pounds (500kg) of Italian tile, carrying 36 boxes on-by-one from where they were dropped off on the street into our garage.

5. Placed that tile, tile-by-tile, on our kitchen floor.

6. Did (and still am doing) about a million squats while placing that tile — down to the floor to apply tile mastic (adhesive), up to get a piece of tile, down with the tile and spacers, up to get the measuring tape, measure the distance to the edge of the wall, outside to use the wetsaw to cut a piece of tile to fit, dry the tile, apply tile mastic, place the tile, repeat — repeat — repeat. One.million.times.

7. Mixed colored grout, and placed (and continuing to place) the grout between the tiles once the tile mastic has set. Grouting is not physically taxing, but it does require about another million squats!

… on top of the physical exercise from doing our own kitchen floor renovation, another great way I have been losing weight without trying is by changing my partner’s diet. My partner has a disease whose symptoms are made worse by eating foods with yeast, acids, gluten, sugar, and salt. Have you looked at the labels on your foods lately? My-oh-my, what happens when we eliminate (or significantly reduce) foods with these products in them!

There’s not much left. Mostly organic-shmorganic rabbit food. Tastes awful, and looks worse.

But I have been giving it a valiant effort. Learning how to cook buckwheat, egg-based products like pastina, gluten-free rye bread, lentil soup, broccoli, carrots, brown rice, beans (lots of beans, so many in fact that natural gas no longer needs to be piped into our house to fuel the stove)… and serving carrot juice and unsweetened cherry juice, as well as and other foods that are consistent with my partner’s dietary requirements.

I know, there are some “health enthusiasts” out there who rave about the health benefits of this stuff. Trouble is, most of these foods have an “acquired taste.” And also, most of these foods are absolutely inconsistent with the diet that I have to follow for my chronic intestinal condition. If I ate even 1/4 of the amount of beans that my partner is eating, I would naturally launch myself into orbit with a long flame coming out of my ass.

Needless to say, what my partner eats and what I eat have become different. I cannot eat what he is eating, and he should not eat what I can eat. By the time I’m done preparing foods for him in quantities such that he will not lose any more weight — I’m too tired and overwhelmed to prepare something for myself. There are many times that I have made myself a small sandwich and washed it down with water while watching my partner chow down on … rabbit food with bird seed sauce, with a side of gas-inducing squirrel turd soup. (The look and smell of that stuff is enough to make me lose whatever appetite I had. Blecchh…).

Great way to lose weight — change your partner’s diet, yet remain the primary cook in the family. Ha!

Life is short: do what you have to do, and find benefits of those actions!

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  1. Squirrel turd soup, really?

    You should try…

    Nah, I know how much so-called “advice” you are getting and the last thing you want or need is any more advice on organic health food to prepare for your partner. Just take a break soon and go get a burger. 🙂

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