Tecovas Marketing Blunder

I like wearing Tecovas cowboy-style boots. They are comfortable and well-made.

Usually when Tecovas launches a new boot, their savvy marketing people produce and publish appealing photos all over the internet.

But when the company introduced a chelsea-style of boot recently, I…

… said to myself at first, “okay, not my style but good for Tecovas to appeal to another submarket — the younger dudes who do not find cowboy boots to their liking.

Usually the Tecovas marketing people are good about selecting imagery that matches the style and function of the boot.

But not with their “Chance” boot — their new Chelsea.

I posted about that recently, and here is yet another image that I found on Facebook. I am commenting as a review, which is within rights so as not to violate their copyright.This is just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

It is very unsafe to wear smooth leather soled boots while operating a motorcycle.

While the image technically is not a guy riding a motorcycle while wearing those boots, it implies it when the ad reads, “still knows how to ride.” WRONG!

Wrong wrong wrong, Tecovas. Your marketing people screwed up.

Life is short: wear oil-resistant rubber (preferably Vibram) soles when operating any kind of motorcycle.

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    • As of 1600 on 6 September, not yet. I can tell, however, their marketing people have visited this blog. Perhaps they are waiting until they return to work after the holiday weekend to discuss this and figure out how to reply, or who will. As you know, that happened before when I blogged about the overpriced boot jack.

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