Annoyed Another Boot Marketing Guy

I received an email the other day complimenting my website:

I was so impressed by the comprehensive amount of content you have created since your site launched in 2004.

He went on to explain that he is working with a boot retailer that has been around for some 40 years, but just went on-line for retail sales.

The writer of this email is with a small-time Texas-based web development and marketing company.

He began cordially, and we exchanged a couple emails, then…

…when I asked for the boot manufacturer’s URL and he gave it to me, I visited it.

First thing I saw was a 5-second video clip that plays in the background. (See it here).

The video features a guy wearing back-cut python cowboy boots.

Okay, so far so good.

However, see the images below captured from this video. I commented as follows:

Whoever created the video on the home page of the new (x company) website shows a guy wearing smooth-soled cowboy boots while riding a dirt bike. Really? I just beat up Tecovas over that same issue on my blog this week.

As a (former) MSF instructor, it is GOOD to wear boots (instead of sneakers) while operating a motorcycle, but not smooth leather-soled boots. They slip and don’t provide adequate traction.

Also — why show potential ruin to python boots while jumping on a dirt bike? Just doesn’t make sense from a motorcyclist’s perspective. (My two cents). I sense that marketing people were having fun and have no real experience operating a motorcycle.

Woops… there I go again, commenting on how inappropriate it is to wear leather-soled cowboy boots on a motorcycle — snakeskin at that — easily damaged by such wear.

Oh well, I tell it like it is.

Life is short: wear Vibram-soled (or at least oil-resistant rubber soled) boots while operating any kind of motorcycle. Don’t ruin good boots for a marketing video!

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