Blog and Website Now Converted to HTTPS!

YAY! I finally fixed this vexing issue where I had converted this blog domain ( to HTTPS:// but after doing that, the images were not showing.

After many calls to my hosting service, and no help from an expensive “WP Live” service, this is how…

…I fixed it… all by myself. (Peacock feathers fanning…)

My problem was that I forced SSL (that is the HTTPS://) protocol on the blog domain only, but not the main domain ( I wanted to get the blog working on HTTPS:// first, then convert the main domain.

Well, after trying everything under the sun, I thought today I would force SSL on the main domain and see what happened.

Before doing that, I downloaded a full backup of the entire “” domain, as well as the entire “” blog. Those files are HUGE! After all, I’ve been building the basic website since 2005, and building the blog since 2008. 15 and 12 years on, respectively, there is a LOT of content on both domains/websites.

After I confirmed that my website and blog were fully backed up, I forced SSL on the main domain. It worked smoothly, without a hitch.

Then I checked the blog and VOILA — the images were there! Yay! Praise the Lord and pass the Ammo — IT WORKS!

Now… in a few days, I will return to my usual booted bloggatory. Thank you for your patience as I went through this painful transition.

Life is short: even dinosaurs like me can learn new tricks.

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