Riding To Break In Harness Boots

During the “stay-at-home” order period, which here in Maryland began March 30 and technically hasn’t ended (for good reason!), I was a good schnook and did just that — stayed home!

In mid-May, restrictions began to lift slightly for activities where you did not interact with people, including being able to ride my Harley for more than running errands to get groceries or to the pharmacy. (Or go skydiving, but that’s different.)


…with less traffic on the road, people were driving like idiots. Well, they drive like idiots most of the time (too fast, yapping on a cell phone or texting, and generally nutsy.) But with three things affecting my confidence — rusty skills, crazy drivers not paying attention, and not riding with other safe riders — I was very hesitant to get out and ride.

On the plus side, the weather has been absolutely fantastic. Pleasant, warm but not hot, and low humidity. We have had an extended and gorgeous Spring. Usually we go from winter to dreadful summer. But not this year.

Spouse encouraged me to get out and ride…so I have. At first over-cautiously, but now that I have been riding more often, I have regained more confidence.

Spouse still can’t ride with me due to his physical condition and ongoing pain, so I am reluctant to ride day after day and leave him alone. He gets lonely, even if I am writing this blog on my computer in my home office and he’s viewing more tram videos on his laptop in the family room.

Further, this Spring has provided me opportunities to renew acquaintance with traditional short black harness boots. I blogged last time about Chippewa Harness boots.

The other day, I received a new pair of White’s Boots “Freedom” harness boots. I had my eye on these boots for a long, long, time. When the Baker brothers reintroduced their company in April — Baker Boots of Spokane, Washington — by offering a rare 15% discount on any product, I placed an order.

Bakers Boots is pretty much the sole vendor (other than the factory) of White’s Boots for motorcyclists. These boots are equally as tough as another famous State of Washington bootmaker — Wesco. But White’s Freedom harness boots are also less expensive than their counterpart short Wesco harness boot.

Made of the same quality leather, superb quality USA-made construction, with a hell of an aggressive Vibram 100 sole, these boots are great for motorcycling.

However, the usual concerns apply — these boots are heavy and not very flexible, so they are not good for wear when you have to stop and walk around a lot. These are not hiking boots.

But in these days of riding for fresh air and not with a group, these boots are perfect.

Life is short: let’s ride (again, safely, alone.)