Galleries and Blog Software Conflict

Dear readers,

I am sorry that for about the last week, my website, its boot reviews and knowledgebase wiki and this blog were alternating between being “up” and visible, or parts of the website not being visible, the wiki was and was not working, or this blog disappearing and substituting with an error message about a PHP conflict.

My my my, what a nightmare.

You may not be aware that…

…this blog is powered by WordPress. That software system requires a certain version of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), which is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language to run on the server hosting the blog.

My photo galleries for Motorcycle Police and a separate gallery of “BHD Adventure” photos is powered by separate software called Coppermine.

My boot information/reviews wiki is powered by dokuwiki, which requires yet another level of PHP.

Unfortunately, WordPress required a PHP upgrade from the base level on which it was operating. When I had that upgrade done, it caused the Coppermine photo galleries to disappear.

For the past five days, I have been going mad trying to fix things. I had a backup of the blog, wiki files, and the photo galleries, so I tried reinstalling each of them. It worked, then it didn’t, then it worked again, then it didn’t. Drove me bat-shit crazy.

I have spent at least 20 hours trying to fix things, even getting to the point of trying different photo gallery software. However, I realized that I probably have at least 100 links to those photo galleries, so changing the gallery software would change the links and cause many consequent “404 Not Found” errors.

Anyway, today I am happy to report that my web host (Hostgator) was able to help me resolve this conflict by downgrading PHP for the main domain, and upgrade PHP for this blog. Now both sites and systems work.

For your added viewing pleasure, I posted two albums of 42 photos from our trip to Puerto Rico in February, and four albums of 113 photos from our trip to Hawaii in March.


Life is short: keep breathing while patiently working through technical issues with websites, blogs, and galleries!