Blew Up The Website

Sheesh… after spending about 100 hours recoding 822 pages of my website, I got the https:// secure service to work. Yay!

However, I ran into several problems, including–

… the “write to BootedHarleydude” email system failed, even after paying for a revision of the code. I am still working on that.

But even if I got that to work, I found that implementing the https:// protocol for the website caused THIS BLOG to fail. So cripes! I had to reset everything back to the way it was before the upgrade.

I need to continue working with implementing the https:// for this blog first before using it for the website.

When I tried that a few weeks ago, that change made all images disappear. There is a lot of information about that problem on the internet with many different suggestions on how to fix it, for which my patience is near an end and I have not given time to try.

Hang tight… eventually, I will figure it out.

Life is short: it really should NOT be this hard.