Day 4: Stunning Surprise

BHD looking surprised

Day 4 of my week’s business trip began with a visit with a dear friend and colleague who picked me up from my hotel. I then entered a conference room and began what I thought would be an all-morning meeting with the Director of the Research Center where we were meeting, and his staff.

That meeting went very well. The Director then called for a break. I went to el baño, and on return to the office area, I was introduced to…

… officials from the city, territory, and university. I mean top-level folks.

At first, I did not think much about why these people were there. After all, the location where we were meeting is a leading scientific research center for the entire Caribbean. These leaders know this facility well.

Then we were all asked to go into a conference room. Even more people were there. I began to wonder what was going on, when the Director gave a heart-felt speech and recognized me for the help and guidance I have provided to him for the past ten years.

Then a representative of the Mayor’s Office read a Mayor’s Proclamation to recognize my contributions to his community, and made me an honorary citizen.

But they weren’t done yet! Another proclamation gave tribute to my contributions to this island during my entire career — 40 years!

I was flabbergasted, flummoxed, and floored. I had no idea that this recognition would happen. Certificates, proclamations, and a “key to the island” were given with heartfelt remarks.

I love this island, the people, and their commitment, dedication, and resilience. As my boss said when I emailed him a photo of the recognition ceremony,

“I’m really glad they got an opportunity to recognize you! People like showing appreciation when it’s real.

Yep… this admiration and appreciation goes two ways and is definitely “real.”

Life is short: Mi corazón está con mi isla del encanto.

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