Back To My Booted Life

After the “high” of last week’s travel to the Caribbean and the delightful surprise of recognition bestowed on me, I returned last Friday night to …

…cold, dreary, rainy, foggy, and generally clammy Maryland. Oh well… it could be worse. While we had “conversational snow”, it didn’t do much but cause some schools to close or be delayed.

As for me, I have begun the slide to retirement. I am done with work. No more commute to the office. No more meetings (YIPPIE!). Less and less email, just closing up a few loose ends.

I am now (mostly) on leave until 4 January 2020 (the end of the last pay period).

So what am I doing with all this “free time?”

I really don’t know yet. The days seem to fly by. Lots of catch-up things to do here in my home office.

I will (eventually) be updating my my website and backups for it. I also promised the Spouse to get more involved in housecleaning. Oh joy!

Spouse and I have also been doing more deliberate exercise by “mall walking.” Hiking boots help and are comfortable for that. Three miles today… building up to more.

Life is short: keep booted and take time to find a “new routine.”