Day 3: Boots On The Move

Being an extreme early riser, I began Day 3 with a walk along a beach under the full moon. It was peaceful and captivating.

Then I returned to my hotel, packed up, had a bite to eat, and got to the airport. The day involved flying from one island to another, renting a car, and driving to the far end of…

…my favorite island in the Caribbean. I also changed languages from English to Spanish.

The airline flight was only 20 minutes, but delays on arrival meant that I waited longer for the plane to be parked on the tarmac than it took to fly between destinations.

Anyway, aside from an hour’s delay, I picked up the rental car and navigated my way out of the major urban city center to get on a tollway headed west.

I stopped in two places to speak with some local officials for some “ground truth” on recovery from the hurricanes of 2017. There is still a long way to go on recovery. I appreciate the candor and honesty of how slowly the return to a “new normal” is taking. The residents of this island are amazingly resilient.

I love the western side of the island. It is the most authentic, less stressed/busy, and more relaxed.

While Day 3 and Day 4 will find me busy with meetings for work, I look forward to returning in February with The Spouse after I retire.

Life is short: Keep focused on business while enjoying camaraderie with your friends.