Tecovas Alligator Boots

Once again, I bit the advertising promo from Tecovas Boots and bought myself as an early birthday present a pair of their new line of American Alligator Belly cowboy boots.

I had my eye on Alligator Belly boots for a long time, but prices for them by some other companies, especially Lucchese, were astronomical.

But when I received an unexpected check for royalties from a book I wrote a long time ago, that happened to be exactly the cost of a new pair of Tecovas Alligator Boots… well…

…I saw that as a sign from the Boot Gods and “bit.” The Tecovas price is kinda high on first glance, but one has to remember the product — exotic American Alligator skins — are farmed in rather small numbers, so the cost increases due to lower availability. (This is my assumption based on knowledge of availability of exotic skins used for boots — not inside information from Tecovas.)

As usual, the order was processed quickly and the new boots arrived in a few days and were on my feet in the office the very next day.

Dress shirt, tie, dress slacks… presenting a technical briefing before an assembly of the highest management… there I am in those snazzy boots. (At my age and stage of career, I am respected for what I know, and am allowed to be a bit eccentric to refuse to wear suits and wear cowboy boots regularly with dress slacks in the office.)

The boots drew several compliments, especially from the Big Cheese who said, “I always look at whatever boots you wear. Those are nice.”

When I decoded the fit process for these boots, after learning the hard way that — at least for me and my feet & legs — these boots run small (narrow calfs and slightly more narrow feet), I order a full size larger and they fit great. Too bad I wore the ill-fitting first pair so much that I can’t return them for an exchange using Tecovas’ free return/exchange policy. Lesson learned.

In summary, if you’re looking for really nice dress boots and have admired how great Alligator Belly boots look — then consider Tecovas’ new line-up. (I think they call them the Austins. I never really understood why bootmakers devise names for boot styles.)

Life is short: wear dressy boots to the office!

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