Riding To Go Fishin’

The old phrase says, “if you fall off a horse, you have to get right back on it,” or probably not ride again. That is very true for my husband who stopped driving when he became very ill in 2012. When his health became stable again three years later, he had lost the courage to deal with the bad drivers we have where we live what with their constant inattentiveness (hand-held cell-phone use) and generally horrible, aggressive, awful driving.

With me, while I was frightened last week when a biker rode aggressively to get past me and crashed, it was not I who crashed. But I am a bit nervous about riding again. However today…

…I will remount my trust Iron Horse. I am going to ride to a niece’s house and take her twin sons fishing.

I was teary-eyed on receiving an email:

Dear Uncle [BHD], I got a new fishing rod and hooks and stuff for my birthday. Mom told me that you know how to fish. Will you take my brother and me?

… from my 8-year-old great nephew.

Sure thing, kiddo. I will be happy to take you and your brother fishing. It will be fun!

The ride to their house is 40 miles. It will get me back in the saddle again for a purpose.

Note: I am not taking my great nephews to a fishing spot on my motorcycle. We will ride in their mother’s car.

Life is short: enjoy family.