New Cop Galleries

It took me a long time, but I finally posted a set of seven galleries of photos taken at a motorcycle police riding competition, held this year in Pittsburgh. It was moved here when they were looking for a new host and Pittsburgh PD offered to take it.

Coincidentally, the timing of this event…

…aligned when my Spouse and I had to be in Pittsburgh anyway to deal with affairs of the Spouse’s mother’s estate. After several days of dealing with those affairs, it was refreshing to get out and do something different.

I served as a judge again for this police motorcycle riding competition.

The judging process was rather disorganized, but it worked. However, it’s hard to be an outsider. When I flagged a riding error and reported it, they didn’t listen or accept that I knew what I was talking about. I was summarily dismissed. Disappointing, but that’s what happens when you don’t know anyone and the locals don’t care to recognize your experience.

So I just reverted to taking photos and watching the riding. I would flag (mostly) “zero”, meaning the ride was “clean” and no points for a riding error such as touching or knocking over a cone, putting the boot down, riding out of the path of travel, or worse — dropping the bike. (There were several who did that during the day.)

Later when the ride organizer said that a cop complained that I was taking photos and asked “how can he judge riding while taking pictures,” I put the camera away and finished judging the event, even if they didn’t care to look for my judging signals/reports.

I was kinda like the “invisible judge.” So be it. After 17 years of judging this event, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen pretty much ’em all.

The weather was terrific. Warm, sunny, and not humid. After a week of rain every day, this bright sunny and dry Saturday was exceptionally delightful and welcome.

By the way, most cops in SW Pennsylvania where this event was held wore Chippewa 71418 “hi shine” 17-inch tall engineer boots (as shown to right) or Chippewa 27950 “Baden” tall laced-instep boots (as shown here.) Other cops, particularly from Virginia, wore Dehner patrol boots with unusually thicker soles (as shown here.)

I worked the main part of the riding competition into early afternoon. Then when that part was over and they were riding in a single smaller event where fewer judges were needed, Spouse and I left. They really didn’t care if I stayed or not.

So we walked over to see the Mr. Rogers statue, say “hi” to an old friend (so-to-speak), then head to the Spouse’s childhood home to finish what we needed to do with estate matters.

The new photos I posted of the opening ceremonies, cops ready to enter the competition, riding in the competition, and their boots are on this gallery (this is a link).

Life is short: admire professional performance.