Two Years Ago, We Began Crazy

Two years ago today, my buddy “S” and I began our crazy-awesome adventure in Utah. We had planned this huge motorcycle trip for months, and two years ago today, we met at the Chicago O’Hare Airport for our flight to Salt Lake City.

After we arrived (two hours late), we first went into the city…

… to drop stuff off with a colleague that we didn’t need to bring with us on motorcycles. Then we made our way to the Harley rental location. Checked out our brand new, unridden Harleys and began our adventure.

Getting through evening rush-hour traffic on the interstate wasn’t much fun. An hour of that felt much longer. But we made it to Utah Rt. 6 at the Spanish Fork exit. After a short hydration break, we began our trip southeast. we also stopped once for gas, but that was it. Three hours later, we rode into the parking lot of our first (and best) hotel to stay for the night in Green River, Utah.

I look back fondly on this day, in particular. Getting to meet “S” and ride with him was a real pleasure. I quickly learned how safety-oriented he was and I began to ease into what became a very comfortable experience, knowing that “S” always was looking out for me.

I was mesmerized by the scenery on UT-6, and wanted to stop to take photos. But “S” pressed on. The only times we slowed down on our first ride together was for road construction. But “S” was right — any more delays and we would arrive in Green River very late and after dark. Neither of us wanted to ride in the dark, especially in unfamiliar territory.

Weather back then is just about what it is forecast for today — 95F (35C), but low humidity. However, the monsoon has arrived early, bringing thunderstorms, strong winds, heavy rain, and lightning every afternoon.

Anyway, reminiscing about a wonderful time with a great friend causes me to want to make plans to do it again. I hope so next year, if my health, body, available leave time, and “S” is willing.

Life is short: fondly appreciate adventures with a great friend.

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