Boot Improvising

One idea provided to me by my buddy “S” with whom I went on a crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure in Utah on ideas to blog about was “boot improvisation.” He suggested that I describe what boots we selected for this trip, and why these boots were different from what one may expect to wear when riding a Harley.

Great idea! Thanks, “S”! So here goes… what did we improvise (that is, choose to make available) for boots on this trip, and why? More after the jump…

“S” and I were going to be operating heavyweight motorcycles under these conditions:

  • Very hot (greater than 100F / 38C), arid conditions in “high desert” country
  • Long days with many on-again, off-again stops (for rest, stretches, rehydration, and exploration)
  • While we are both bikers, not hikers, some of the national parks we visited required you park in a central location and walk on trails to see majestic sights
  • It was likely (and proved true) that we could encounter rain, so we needed water-resistant boots to keep our feet dry while riding
  • Boot soles that were oil-resistant and provided good traction were necessary
  • We are both older men, and as such, our feet tire more quickly, so comfort and light weight boots were extremely important! (the heavier the boot, the harder it is to lug around on your feet all day)

With all those constraints, we both decided that traditional motorcycle boots may not be the best choice.

Huh? Booted Harleydude NOT wear motorcycle boots while riding a Harley?

Yep… the arid heat was our primary driver to consider alternatives that we could improvise from our respective boot collections (or add to the collection in “S’s” case.)

Having done some military training in the desert, I realized that military boots designed for desert environments would be worth of consideration. They can endure the heat, yet keep feet comfortable and cool. They can repel water. The waffle tread soles provide traction. They are also very affordable. Bingo!

We both chose to wear Belleville Air Force tactical boots, and never once regretted our choice. These boots were very comfortable, kept our feet dry, and aired out well overnight in the hotel rooms where we stayed.

I have always advised, “choose the right boot for the right application,” and in this case, military boots were the correct and perfect choice!

There may be other choices or adaptations of boots that I have made for other reasons and conditions that I will blog about in the future.

Life is short: adapt boot selection for extremes when necessary.