3 Docs say: “Nice Boots”

Lately I have had a rather serious medical problem and have been seeing doctors rather frequently to have the situation examined and treated. The Spouse was always with me, caring for me, holding my hand, and helping me deal with anxiety I was feeling. I hate going to doctors, and even worse, anything having to do with needles.

I will not describe the medical problem I have, but its consequences meant that…

…I could not bend my left leg. I had to ask my Spouse to dress me. That is a difficult feeling… when something so ordinary as putting on underwear, socks and pants becomes exceptionally hard (and painful!) to do.

Bending down to pull on boots has been a chore. However, a boot hook helps. That gives me enough extra length to reach the boot to pull it on that I can pull on a pair of boots by myself. I prefer pull-on boots anyway (cowboy and motorcycle boots) rather than boots that require tying laces.

This week, just because it has been easier to deal with one pair of plain basic boots, I have been wearing comfortable and durable Chippewa harness boots. I can get them off by kicking one against the other, and pull them on with a quick tug on the side pull strap.

Three weeks in to this medical situation, I had a procedure done yesterday that did a lot of good, but man, it hurt like the dickens.

I had to first go see a specialist, then go to a facility for imaging, then go from there to a treatment center for high-tech advanced treatment.

Throughout these various office visits, I had to take off my boots and pants, lie on a table, and get examined or imaged or treated, then pull my pants and boots back on and go to the next one.

Each and every time, when the doc working with me came into the room, he or she would see my shined-up harness boots on the floor, smile, and say, “nice boots!”

One of the doctors got into a conversation with me about motorcycling. Another doctor asked me about the boots because she wanted to get her son a pair. She liked the style.

All in all, I got through the day and now am on a path to recovery from this medical setback. Booted all the way.

Life is short: wear boots when you see doctors. They like them!

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