Trike Not In Our Future

Yesterday, The Spouse and I went to the annual DC motorcycle show. This event travels around the country and is sponsored by an insurance company. Various models of motorcycles are displayed and there are vendors selling items like helmets, gloves, jackets, vests, and other stuff.

Last time we went to this show was seven years ago. Comparison? read on…

… price of admission is higher, selection and quality of displays and vendors is much, much lower. Not surprising to see the decline.

While we were there, we sought out the Harley display. This year, it was smaller than ever before, and was sponsored by a local dealership, based in Fort Washington, Maryland, but likes to call itself “Harley-Davidson of Washington, DC.” Well, this dealership is physically closest to the city (at 11 miles from the border), unlike the one in Gaithersburg, Maryland, that changed its name to “District Harley-Davidson” to have an affinity with the city, even though it is waaaaaaaaaay out in the ‘burbs, and some 20 miles from the border. How silly that the outsiders who bought that dealership are so out of touch with the culture of the community just for a marketing ploy. I no longer darken that dealership’s door… for sake of its lost identity with the county of my home and its location and the arrogance of the outsiders who now own it.

I digress… when we visited the Harley display, we saw a new Harley trike. Spouse and I were talking about potentially getting a trike, if that is what it would take to get him back on a motorcycle to ride with me.

Spouse tried climbing on from the left, and couldn’t do it. No matter how hard he tried, his right leg just doesn’t work.

Then he moved over and tried climbing on from the right, and after some struggling, was able to get seated on the passenger seat. But by the look on his face, he was in such severe pain, I knew right then that a trike wasn’t an option to get him riding with me again.

I also tried sitting on it. It was also very hard for me to get on, and once on it, hard for me to feel comfortable, too. The engine is wider than my current Road King, and the bulk along with my age-imposed restrictions of not having the flexibility in my hips, made even sitting on this thing uncomfortable for me, too.

Then getting off was also very difficult — about as hard as it is now to get off my Road King. My legs don’t “swing” like they used to.

Oh well, better to find this out now rather than move closer toward making a financial commitment to rent or buy something that is uncomfortable to sit on and would therefore not be something I would want to ride.

Life is short: test before going further — always helps avoid making huge mistakes!

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  1. If I ever begin riding, it might be a trike. I never learned to ride a bicycle, so there’s that. But also, I don’t have the balance to ride a regular one.

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