Boots, Gear, and Blogging

I realize that most readers of this blog come here for anything other than political rants, yet here I have been in the last several weeks (and actually for months) allowing this blog to be overcome by my feelings of contempt for the political climate in the United States. What is hardest for me is that I have served…

…my country in various ways; mostly locally in the form of service to others, but also on a national level in my professional life.

I also come from parents who served on the international diplomatic stage (father) and national legislative stage (mother) — so ongoing operations of my country’s Government were common, everyday dinner table discussions as I was growing up.

Three siblings, including my twin brother, joined me in serving our country in various ways.

So when I go on a rant about how angry I feel about how my beloved country whose political divisions have exploded and actually cheered on by someone so hateful, vile, disscompassionate, bigoted, xenophobic, and lies like there is no tomorrow — I have my reasons to feel the way I do. My reasons are grounded in how I was raised and what I was taught to believe.

I also have engaged hundreds of people who participated in classes I taught on American Civics and History, in preparation for them taking the Oath of Citizenship. However, I can’t do that any more in good conscience. It is such a contradiction to teach, “this is the way our Government is designed to work,” when that is not actually how it is working and its so-called “leadership” has become so dysfunctional, my country has become the laughingstock of the world.

But again, that is not what readers of this blog come here for. So I will try again to return to the purpose of this blog: to share everyday life experiences of a guy who enjoys wearing boots, leather, and is active in his community whilst wearing the gear.

Speaking of that, I stumbled onto a “movement” of sorts called #gear365, led by Cal Rider. This “wear at least some leather gear every day” movement is explained on this website here and in numerous YouTube videos by Cal. I’ve never met him, but I agree with his main premise:

encourage men worldwide get their gear out of their closets, get it on to their bodies and get it out into the streets in everyday life. He is challenging guys to resolve to wear some form of gear every single day for one year.

This movement actually started more than a year ago (January 2018), so now that a year has passed, I wonder how it worked out.

As for me — yep, this old codger continues to wear leather almost every day. I say “almost” because I admit, during the recent stupidity situation, there were times that I did not leave the house. I stayed home in my sweats, socks, cuddled with The Spouse, and did more “life planning” for our future well away from Worshinun DC. (Hint: that involves when I retire, settle the mother-in-law’s estate after she passes, and we sell the house and move. But that’s a ways off.)

While the weather has not been suitable for riding my Harley, when I do go out, it is always suitable for leather. Jacket, jeans, boots, shirt… whatever. I agree, if you’ve got it and it fits, wear it! Much more often than to a leather fashion show held once a year. Boot up, Gear up, and show what you’ve got!

Life is short: ranting will subside, but leathering won’t. Just yet.