It was hard to endure the anguish and anxiety that I suffered during the most recent evidence of another really harmful temper tantrum by the Asshat in the White House, but with my Spouse with me always providing support, I survived.

During that time, I…

…reflected on what I have going for me, which is a lot.

First: I have a Spouse who loves and supports me unconditionally. I could not survive without him.

Second: We have no debt. We own seven properties, six of which I rent to provide affordable housing to community heroes in an expensive-to-live area. I have no mortgages on any of them. All debt paid off. While I have expenses to maintain these properties that I rent, the expenses (including real estate taxes & countless fees) are a wash (more-or-less) with the rent.

Third: We have a healthy emergency fund. Our expenses are relatively low since we are frugal with our spending. We never eat out and both of us do not have a sillyphone and thus the monthly maintenance/data plan ransom that goes with those things.

Fourth: I have a large and supportive family and also a large network of friends, many of whom I have known since I was a child. Few people can count on friends they have known for over five — yes five — decades. That’s more than 50 years!

Fifth: good medical care. This recent fiasco caused my long-term intestinal problem to flare severely. Reluctantly, I have had to see doctors three times during the last three weeks. But I do have excellent health insurance so the costs were relatively minimal, though the co-pay for the name-brand prescription drug I was given was through-the-roof. I was able to get a one-time discount coupon from the manufacturer, but man oh man, I really know what people are complaining about regarding escalating costs of prescription medications. The idiot in the White House hasn’t a clue how to address that problem, and he and his band of cronies are so heartless and cruel, they don’t, either.

Anyway, my boots and I are slowly emerging from this hole. We will survive and eventually we will thrive. But the sooner the Dumpster can be sent to Pluto, the better. And the rest of ’em, too!

Life is short: raging contempt is uncharacteristic and unhealthy, but it helps to get it out and release the anger. I will return to more of the usual booted banter soon.