Late Winter Riding

We have had a spell of mild weather, so on dry days between rain storms, this biker couldn’t resist gearing up and getting out for a ride on his Harley. On Saturday, I wanted to…

…break in a new pair of Intapol Road Boots that I got recently. What intrigued me about these boots is that they are knock-offs of Chippewa Hi-Shine (71418) “Baden” boots, but unlike Chippewa, these boots have a calf circumference that is proportional to the foot size. This larger calf circumference works well with thick breeches designed to be worn with boots of this height and style.

The plus is that these boots fit well. The minuses are that these boots are cheaply made in Pakistan. While they claim that the soles are oil-resistant, they are not. But they feel and look good with a new pair of plain navy breeches.

I also am falling in love with a Schott Perfecto 118 leather jacket that I got recently as a gift. This jacket is made exceptionally well and features what the manufacturer calls “naked leather.” Unlike traditional cowhide, this leather is very soft and flexible. It is warm, looks great, and provides freedom of movement and flexibility for me to reach my bars and operate the controls quite easily, without restriction.

While I love the appearance of my Langlitz Columbia Jacket, I have had regrets for buying that jacket because it is sooooooooo stiff and sooooooooooo heavy. It is very hard to wear when riding the Harley. I will save this jacket to wear to all those Leatherman Gatherings that my spouse and I attend (not.) Hate to say it, but the Langlitz is more of a “poser” jacket than useful to wear when operating a heavyweight motorcycle because of how much it restricts range of motion of my arms and safe operation of my Harley.

Anyway, on Saturday, I “got out there” and took a nice ride around my home county. I also plan to ride with buddies on New Years Day, when it is supposed to be as warm as 60F (15.5C).

Life is short: gear up and ride all year!