When You Wear Leather Jeans

When a guy strikes up the courage and decides to wear leather jeans in public, especially when he has not done that before, he may receive some quizzical looks and be asked some questions. Here are some suggestions on how to respond (after the jump.)

First of all, it really is no big deal. Some times people react and say things because what you are wearing is different from their past experience. When something is new or different, people will react.

So if you are like my friend WC who recently wore leather jeans to work and also to church (courageous, isn’t he?), you may be asked, “why are you wearing those?” (pointing to the leather jeans you are wearing) … sometimes out of pure curiosity, sometimes with a sneer, and sometimes out of mild envy.

Here are some things you can say to such a question:

  • I felt like wearing them — don’t need a reason
  • A gift from my spouse — aren’t they cool?
  • They go well with my Harley, don’t they?
  • You gonna come see me play at my gig at the (local rock concert / name)?
  • Yeah, the boys and I like to hang out. (leaving questions… who are “the boys”? Where do you “hang out”?)
  • Go well with the boots, don’t they?
  • I didn’t have a thing to wear!
  • Everything else in my closet was donated to Good Will. Who needs frumpy dress clothes, anyway?

You can probably come up with more responses, and even funnier or better ones. (If you have some, please leave a comment.)

The point is, you do not need to defend what you choose to wear. If other people can’t handle it or do not like it, that is their problem, not yours.

Life is short: wearing leather in public is not a courageous act, but a statement of being self-secure.

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  1. Turns out that guy almost had bought a pair for himself in Germany a few years ago and regretted not getting them!!

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