Flying In Leather

Yesterday, I flew two flight segments to get home from my business trip. I was in three airports (departure, transfer, and arrival) for several hours of waiting time. There were hundreds of people who saw me while I was in lines to check in, going through security, waiting for planes, and waiting over an hour for luggage at baggage claim.

I was dressed for these flights in what I like to wear when I dress casually in cool weather: leather jeans, biker t-shirt, and comfortable boots.

What’s that? Leather jeans — you wore them in public!!! — in airports? What did people say or do?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing (of consequence). One young man who passed me in a hallway said, “cool, dude.”

Then there was a guy in line behind me at the airport security station who asked, “will those pants set off the machine?” — referring to the magnetometer which detects metal objects.

I toyed with a sarcastic response, but decided that some people just don’t know that leather is a fabric and is composed of collagen — a protein-based fiber. No metal in leather, unless you count the metal belt buckle on my leather belt. I just said, “no, watch me,” and walked right through the magnetometer without a problem. (The TSA agent looked me up and down, smiled, and pointed to the exit.)

But in all the hours spent in public spaces in airports and on airplanes, no one — NO ONE — said anything that could be interpreted as critical about the leather jeans or me wearing them.

I was not expecting commentary, but from the questions that visitors to this blog and my website enter into search engines, I sense that many people fear what someone else may say about them wearing leather in public. My experience proved my point: no one will say a thing, or if they do, it will be inquisitive or complimentary — not insulting or derogatory.

Life is short: wear leather!

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  1. Hi,
    Actually, were there to be an emergency, you would have a margin of safety over those wearing cloth. Meanwhile, you gave other guys something to consider. I imagine at least one who saw you said to himself, ‘I gotta get me a pair of those.’ Continue to inspire our instinctual choice. I hope all is well at home.

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