Vote Results Show Community Recognition

The General Elections are over, and ballots were counted, though ongoing counting of absentee ballots continue for another 10 days. But the results of our local elections were clear. And I was recognized in those results by…

… having (as of the date of this post) 122 write-in votes for me for a local legislative position.

As I said before, I was not a candidate for office in any form — on the ballot by name or as an official write-in candidate.

But that didn’t stop people from voting for me anyway.

What does having 0.0375% of the vote do for me? Nada… officially.

However, it does make me smile to know that more than a handful of people think that I am worthy enough of consideration for this honor.

But I have to put it into perspective. The race for which I was written in was a done-deal. The only candidate for that race was unopposed, so that candidate would win anyway. So voting for me was more of a recognition by people who know me and, I guess, appreciate what I do to provide voluntary service with a smile, building consensus and calm to wonky local issues on which I have engaged for decades.

I have said before, I love the community where I was born, raised, educated, built our home and our lives — right here in sprawling SUV/minivan-strewn suburbia. Our quiet enclave among the trees, close to but distant enough from the hustle and bustle of city life, is our contentment. It’s going to be hard to leave, but some day, we will; whenever I retire and we decide to leave the rat-race and high cost of living for quieter and less expensive options in our future.

Next up — another community caring home remodeling project for a Wounded Warrior this Veteran’s Day Weekend.

Life is short: Love your community, and they’ll show their love back at ya.

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