How to Wear Boots Untied

While I prefer boots that pull on or zip closed, I have some boots in my collection that have laces, and require tying. Boots with laces have a very rugged, masculine appearance — provided they are worn correctly (that is, laced up and tied.)

But there goes Google again, directing a visitor to my website. The visitor entered the question, “how to wear boots untied for men.”

Don’t believe me? See it here:

Aw come on, really?

I just betcha this was entered by a youngster. No adult man would wear boots that laced up without tying them. Not only do untied boots look silly, dorky, “uncool” and just plain stupid, wearing boots that way reflects poorly on the intellect of anyone who would wear them that way.

Untied boots are NOT a fashion statement. They are a statement that the wearer is lazy or doesn’t know how to tie shoes (boots).

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re sick of Mommy reminding you to tie your shoes (boots) so that you do not trip. But there is a reason why she did that — she cares about you.

Life is short: tie your boots. ‘nuf said.