Lucchese Classic Handmade Boots

I have admired and have worn Lucchese boots for decades. They are comfortable and very well-made.

Let me share a little bit about what I have learned about Lucchese boots from my own experience, and share some happiness with a new pair of Lucchese Classic handmade boots.

There are three lines of men’s Lucchese boots — the “1883” line, which is entry-level and priced accordingly. The “1883” boots are made with lower-grade leather, and are often soft and scuff easily. They look nice and feel good on the feet, but you get what you pay for — low-end, easily-damaged boots.

The middle line is called “Lucchese 2000.” These boots are well-made of more durable leathers. They cost a little bit more, but again, you get what you pay for. Pretty good boots for the money.

The top-of-the-line in the Lucchese brand are called “Lucchese Classics.” I have a number of these boots in my Lucchese cowboy boot collection. They are very comfortable, exceptionally durable, and are very well-made with lemonwood-pegged soles, steel shank, and other features that make them an excellent choice of long-wearing, exceptional footwear.

When you visit websites of vendors of Lucchese boots, the good ones will offer buyers the opportunity to specify specific heel and toe styles on Lucchese Classics, rather than take what comes standard. This is a way, then, to get high-end commercial cowboy boots made with some custom features. These boots are called Lucchese Classic Handmade Boots.

However, let me tell you, it takes a looooooong time to get handmade boots from Lucchese, but the results are worth the wait.

Last August, I was surfing around the Internet and found a price on a pair of Lucchese boots that I thought was a wrong price. It offered Lucchese Classic Goatskin Boots for half of what comparable prices were from other vendors. I contacted the vendor and asked if the price were correct, and received a reply confirming that it was.

I then asked if I could get a different heel and toe style than standard. Again, the reply was affirmative, and there was no extra charge. The only “fee” was time. The boots would have to be made by hand at the Lucchese factory in El Paso, Texas, and it could take a few months.

Well, a “few” months turned out to be six — but what I received last week were a stunning pair of handmade Lucchese classics that make me feel a bit “taller in the saddle.” (Or shall I say, “taller in the stride.”)

The boots are standard 13 inches (33cm) high, but the heel is two inches (5.1cm) high, instead of the usual 1.5 (3.8cm) inches. That half-inch (1.3cm) difference makes the feel of my stride different… more confident… tall. Funny how a little bit more height of a heel can make me feel that way.

I have tried wearing boots with even higher heels, but since I am such a natural klutz, I cannot wear them and manage to remain upright and stable. Honestly, I have no idea how women can wear those ultra-high heels on some of their shoes.

Anyway, these Lucchese Classic handmade boots are terrific, great-looking, and also great-feeling. I am proud to have them on my feet and part of my cowboy boot collection.

Life is short: wear quality boots (to work at the office, around town… anywhere!)

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