Every Day

I have been very busy playing “catch up” upon return to home base after an intense but all-too-brief visit to Puerto Rico.

The weekend was packed with my usual activities, which include caring for The Spouse, escorting lovely LOLITS grocery shopping, doing some handyman repairs for a couple friends, and voluntary service at my local fire department in preparation for a big event this coming Saturday.

At the office, it is equally if not more busy. Lots of meetings, reports, etc., to handle as the Acting Boss.

But every day without fail, The Spouse…

… thinks of what will face me that day, and sends me an email of thoughtful encouragement, such as this one today:

Good morning, Spouse! Here’s wishing you well on your important collaboration call today and reaching consensus across our country. No one is a better consensus-builder than you.”

He always knows what I am concerned about. He always, always finds ways to acknowledge what I am worried about and send me thoughtful words of encouragement.

It is truly wonderful to have a husband who shows his love daily in many ways, including encouraging emails. (Not to mention the daily care for our home.)

Life is short: show those you love how you love them — and they will show you how they love you back!