Feed Them and They Will Come

Today marks the 26th Senior Safety Saturday that I have organized and conducted for my community. We have 73 homes to visit with over…

…US$13,000 in value of safety equipment and supplies to install.

We have been preparing for this huge Fall event for four months, and today, we execute.

Fundraising is usually a challenge, but last year a dear senior pal passed away and she left my little non-profit organization that supports this event a large donation. Large enough to pay for at least 10 Senior Safety Saturdays.

However, my usual large donors don’t want to be left out, so I accepted two major additional donations for supplies and equipment. I am using my Sr. Pal’s donation to pay for insurance (the premium keeps going up and up — over $1,000 this year!) and for food.


Yeah, the key to success of this event is having enough volunteers to do the work. Best tool to bring in volunteers is food. Coffee, juice, doughnuts and snacks in the morning, and a huge pizza thank-you lunch later for everyone back at the fire house.

I’m off… the biggest muckity-muck of our county is due to arrive to kick off the event by 0800. My volunteers, including many of the guys at my local fire house, will arrive shortly and help me with last-minute arrangements.

Life is short: contribute to your community for its safety!