Reader’s Preferences

One of the major lessons I have learned from writing a blog for more than ten years now is that this blog is quite the survivor. Research states that the average life of a blog is 100 days.

Average blog life: 100 days!

Man, that means that…

…this blog has been around 39 times average. Wow… who woulda thunk?

This blog also gets picked up a lot by search engines for reasons I really cannot understand. This little boots-n-leather-n-community-oriented-n-biker-n-married-guy’s blog sees more than 3,500 unique visitors each day, on average.

Average daily visitors: 3,500!

Man, as I’ve said before, this blog is not the ordinary gay guy’s blog!

Most searches are for information about various brands of boots, especially Dehners, Wesco, and Chippewa. I get that — I write about those boots a lot.

But also about wearing boots at the office or about town in daily life. Probably the curious and the timid search a lot with questions like that.

Then there are a wide variety of searches that end up on this blog about leather gear — products, construction, wear, care, and usage in daily life. Not only by a motorcycle rider, but also as someone who likes to get use out of his investment in quality gear.

Since I married my man more than five years ago when we could do that legally in the state where we live and has been my home for my entire life, I have blogged about our marriage and relationship, as well as caregiving for him during his prolonged infection and recovery with life-long toxic impacts on his body and brain. As discrete as I am about all that, this blog still gets a number of visits from people who must be dealing with similar issues.

I must also recognize the spikes in interest on this blog when I post photos of motorcycle cops. This blog gets more visits about that specific topic in spikes than on anything else.

Then finally, there are random visits about random things. Google is good about ranking this blog high on the “random ramblings of an old fart married suburban biker” scale (giggle.)

So, what are your preferences? I ask that when I reach times of writer’s block, as I am suffering with again. What would you like to read about? What have I written about before that you may want to know more about now? What have I not written about that you think I could explore with more musings?

Either leave me a comment (below) or write me a message. Thank you!

Life is short: when blocked, ask your readers.

3 thoughts on “Reader’s Preferences

  1. Perhaps you could share life experiences of what it was like to grow up gay in the era that you did.

    I have a gay friend who is 87. His recollections are always of interest.

  2. Did you already talk about your first experiences with boots and leather? That’d be interesting to listen to.

    • Give me a little more to understand what you mean when you say,
      “experiences.” For boots — I have worn boots all of my life. I have no
      alternate “experience.”

      For leather, I have written before but can elaborate on, how I began
      wearing leather more regularly and how I became more confident to do so.

      Is that what you mean?

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