Boggling Technical Changes

I try to keep up with changes in technology as they impact my website and this blog, but not being a techie, I get stumped and frustrated.

Two issues now have me vexed. 1) Installing an SSL certificate on this blog and my website, and 2) getting the new system of captcha (I’m not a robot) to work on my mail form.

More explanation follows…

Since May(-ish), I received notices that if I did not install an SSL certificate on my blog and/or website, that these web properties would suffer a reduction in rank for being found via search engines, most prominently, google.

So I bought two SSL certificates and spent hours and hours and HOURS trying to get them to work. Each time I tried, the website failed. I could see text (in a very odd layout), but no images.

Since both this blog and my website are very image-heavy, not showing images was a major failure! I restored the blog and website to pre-SSL certificate install status. Then I just quit struggling. I do not have time to figure this out, or anyone with knowledge on how to do that to help me (fee-free; I really don’t want to pay for consulting fees for hobby sites).

Also in May, my use of a bot-protecting filter called Captcha had to change to a new way of doing it. I’m sure many readers have seen that “I’m not a robot” box to check off, instead of the old way of entering numbers/letters from an image presented.

While I got the new captcha system to work on my mail form, somehow when I did that, it removed the “submit” box. So people diligently tried to complete the email form to send me a message, but they couldn’t. Arrgghh!

I now need to dedicate more hours to study how to fix this. Meanwhile, contacting me by email is more challenging. Not impossible for those who visit my contact form (hint hint).

I appreciate that technology changes, but for a hobbyist like me, it drives me nuts. I don’t have the time or patience to deal with this (just for a hobby site.)

Life is short: appreciating patience with those of us who lack skill is a virtue.

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  1. I hate those “identify all the…” picture things. I am always overthinking them and getting them WRONG.

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